The Big Events Wedding team is a savvy, detail-oriented group that consistently creates unique event experiences to remember forever. 

Martha Greenwood | OWNER & LEAD Floral Designer 

Martha pic.jpg

Company co-founder and daily dispenser of the firm’s well-known cheerful enjoyment of life, Mississippi native Martha Greenwood characterizes the heritage of her New Orleans-born-and-bred parents as the most defining influence of her career as a wedding designer, event planner, creator of widely acclaimed floral arrangements and general all-round muse to a phenomenal team of talented colleagues.  Throughout the course of her extensive career, Martha has mastered the ability to imprint every event with a refined sense of taste and style, specifically tailored to her client's desires.

Blessed with a natural artistic ability, this dynamic redhead carves out time whenever possible to apply brushes to canvas while creating her accomplished still-life paintings, an endeavor which has recently emerged as one of her favorite hobbies. It probably goes without saying, that given her penchant for all things green, she’s a fairly enthusiastic gardener, as well. And, yes, you’d love being friends with her.


Dede Scheibe | General Manager & Planner 

UT Chattanooga finance graduate Dede Scheibe, a former longtime commercial banker and small business owner who wouldn't mind being known as the company’s baroness of budgets, heartily concurs that she absolutely adores perfect paperwork. A close runner-up on Dede’s “Love It” work list might also be the sheer gratification she derives from assembling precise logistics plans for every wedding and event the company produces. While she dispatches the company’s financial matters with characteristic efficiency, don't let her affinity for numbers fool you. Dede's friendly smile and warm demeanor teamed with her creative flare makes for the most perfect blend of planner! 



Lacey Fuson | Wedding Planner & Event Designer

Born into a family full of creatives and seasoned over a career of planning events for corporate and non-profit clients, Franklin native Lacey Fuson is ideally suited to her multiple roles at Big Events. During her ten-plus years with the company, Lacey has evolved from freelance florals and in-house graphic design to full-service planner and event designer.  She brings a calm and happy vibe to each meeting and executes every wedding with love, enthusiasm and detailed expertise.