2016 Fall Trends || what we are seeing (and loving)

T h a n k f u l l y   September is finally here [and hopefully] soon enough this Nashville weather will start to cool down.  We are all preparing for a busy + beautiful fall wedding season and LOVING this years trends, we thought we would share what we are seeing! 

1.  GREENERY: everyone is L O V I N G this right now.  It's a simple + organic way to spruce up a space without having the price tag of peonies.  Check out this greenery galore reception for inspiration! 

2.  DEEP GEM TONES: we are making a major shift from blush + gold to deep gem tones and we are not the only one saying Y A Y about this! It was time to mix up the color boards before we all fell asleep.

3.  FOODIES: Not that surprising since Nashville is one of the hottest growing "foodie scenes" in the country but we are seeing more and more picky palate's this year! Hey, we are in the South after all- LET'S EAT. 

4.  MIXED DESIGN STYLES: Whatever your current decor style is- We are seeing more open minds about mixing design elements! It really allows a cozy space --check out great party rentals here

 5.  VELVET: people love to feel soft textures while they are enjoying a good party! This is a major trend in the fashion world right now so we are not alone in seeing this.  

6.  TEXTURES: Instead of using a classic charger go for stone or natural elements to dress up your tablescape! Check out this stone slab for sale here

7.  INTIMATE AFFAIRS: Instead of the 300+ guest lists we have seen once before, people are opting out and choosing more intimate numbers.  PRO: It helps your overall budget + creates a very personalized event!