Before every new year the "Pantone Color" is always revealed.  According to the new color of 2017 is "G R E E N E R Y ". 

We are all pretty excited about incorporating greenery more into our designs.  Greenery offers a lush look for a little less, it fills up the room with fresh aroma (especially Eucalyptus) and if your venue is indoors, it allows bringing the outside in! 

However, greenery is not the only TREND we are seeing for 2017! Take a look at our list below

1. BRING ON THE COLOR || bright colors + statement florals are being requested more than ever. WE LOVE THIS TREND!! Bring it on brides - never be afraid to use color.

2. ARBORS + STATEMENT CEREMONY FLOWERS || instead of a traditional church setting, brides are now thinking more outside the box and choosing an interesting location then dressing it up by creating a focal point to get married under. We are ALWAYS on board for a unique event.

3. NEUTRAL BRIDESMAID PALLETES || brides- let your flowers be the attention grabbers, stick to a neutral dress for your besties to be in. Plus- it really allows for some AMAZING photos.

4. FOOD || now more than ever people care about what their guests are eating. Tailor your menu to something personal to create that extra unique touch, this is YOUR day after all.

5. MIXED METALS || the old ways of gold + silver "don't mix" is OUT. Mixing metals is a request we love, it adds more elements to your design.

6. SEATED DINNERS || the formal dining experience is here to stay. This year more than ever people are going back to the full formal dinner party before dancing occurs.

7. GREENERY || as discussed above, greenery is here and its BEAUTIFUL. Don't be afraid to mix it with other hues. Tip: white ALWAYS compliments the pantone perfectly.